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As the owner of the company Agrolinamar, I would like to start thanking all our suppliers and locals from Rubite (Granada-Spain) for their support and confidence. Also thank all the team that develops our business, with effort and good work that has contributed to enrich this young but consolidated project. Commitment, quality, passion, professionalism, service, innovation ... These are the words that define people who have built our project.
All the values in which agriculture is based are transmitted to our company: effort, sacrifice, work, passion, sustainability. We feel part of these values and ​​we are proud to contribute to create an economic and social development in our area, for many families and many young people who are following the family tradition forward in this crucial activity to society.
Our sense of responsibility with feeding leads people to be aware of the importance of quality and therefore our utmost focus on what our products are excellent. Excellent in flavor, image and properties. It is our commitment as a company and our strategic goal.
Our company has become in a few years a benchmark of quality in our products and our idea is to develop a modern, innovative and in our products reflect our values ​​organization.
The year 2013 has been the year of our commitment and we want to keep growing Agrolinamar is a benchmark of quality and service.
Let me conclude by thanking and congratulating sincerely trust and commitment to all our customers and welcome to all who wish to partake of our project.


Miguel Linares


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